Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Going nowhere...slowly

A cold July morning finds me on the Gautrain,
Bound for ORT and a day visit to an African neighbour...
Or so I thought.

As it was a 07h30 call time,
I made certain that I would be there with time to spare.
Little did I know that time was to be the least of my problems.

Early morning as Alex awakens

I thought that this power station was abandoned...
judging from the smoke, I was wrong

Morning sunshine catching the power plant

The sun sneaking in through the carriage window

My arrival at ORT.
No luggage and no rush.
The way I have always wanted to travel.
With "travel" being the operative word...

Not sure why this plane was "peeing"...
perhaps it is fearful of flying,
or it has just seen the flight plan!

Unfortunately NOT my plane.

So, despite my reservations about the chain,
I chose to have breakfast.
And I was pleasantly surprised by the service and the food.
Both very good...
And it was here that I sat from 07h00 until our flight was cancelled several hours later.
I must say that it was not the fault of the new carrier,
but rather of the Civil Aviation Authority of the non aforementioned country.
I have chosen NOT to mention the carrier, as the problem was not theirs.
I hope that they get their problems sorted out real soon and I look forward to flying with them

At least these Swallows do not have to rely on an airline to take them to their destination.

Our pilots leaving to go home?
I don't know...
But I was not too far behind them as I headed the Gautrain
and back to where my car was parked.
There were positives aspects...
1] I saved several hours of parking fees
2] I got to get "fast-tracked" through passport control.
So not a total waste of time.
However, as a freelance Blogger, it was hard earned money out of my pocket

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