Monday, July 14, 2014

Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa. Part 1.

 I never tire of visiting new places...
especially if they happen to be within 20 minutes of our house.

I had been told that Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa had wildlife.
I was not prepared for Red Hartebeeste.
Not usually found up here on the highveld.

We normally carry our own luggage.
However this porter insisted on doing the "schlepping"...
The staff that we interacted with were friendly and helpful.
Unfortunately some of the help was retrospective.
More of that later...

Our accommodation, or part of it at least.
Very welcoming at first inspection.
Uncomfortable pillows that kept my wife awake...
Hence me traveling with my own pillow.
And a REALLY noisy heat pump that kept me awake

The best shower I have ever discovered in a hotel room.
It looks like it should be in a spa

This gas heater did as advertised,
and it kept our room warm and toasty.
We switched it off (as instructed) when we went to dinner...
Only to find it on when we returned.
I thought that we had done something wrong until we noticed the chocolates on the pillows.
We had forgotten about the turn-down service.
Not many hotels seem to offer that anymore.
In actual fact, is it REALLY necessary?

A reverse view of the room, with wife.
The "window" in the background is to the bathroom.
You can lie in the bath and watch the TV, should you want to do that.
Some observations:
1) If the Wi-Fi is not working...please let the guests know
2) The heat pumps that are being used instead of geysers are very noisy.
They are not controlled from the in-room electrical distribution board.
THEY WILL keep you awake as they switch on and off throughout the night.
Ours woke me at 2am, and kept me awake intermittently from then till I got up at 6am
Please let your guests know that they can call the reception who will come and turn them off
Just a thought...put them on timers!
3) Make certain that biscuits, rusks, tea and coffee are replaced between guests.
Two tiny rusks and a "health" cookie?
4) Make certain that the mini bar is correctly stocked.
Three bottles of water and a Diet Coke do not a mini bar make.
Management, the devil is in the detail...

The view from our deck

Think you are Robert Redford in "A river runs through it"?
Like the fellow on the left you can take fly-fishing lessons from Wayne ( 083 414 0391).
Sessions are available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
In the few minutes that I stood taking pictures,
I learned that is FAR more complicated than I thought.

These used to be called "A Jackie Hanger or Butcher Bird"
In reality, this is a Fiscal Shrike

The reception of the Spa.
My wife was lucky enough to partake in a stress-relief head and neck massage.
Her opinion?
Top class...
They offer a variety of treatments as well as a steam room and Razul Room.
For relaxation, there is a deck that overlooks the ponds and mountain range.
There is also an indoor lounge and dining area.

A place for quiet contemplation?

A cosy corner in the main reception area

Do modern children still enjoy this sort of play area?
Or is it more for adults as they watch their offspring playing?

Some of the accommodation that can be found on the bank of the main lake/pond

Sunlight on the lake/pond


A waterwheel on the side of one of the ponds

There are several hiking trails on the property,
that can be enjoyed by young and old

Dinner and then off to bed...

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