Sunday, August 3, 2014

Die Ou Pastorie, Skeerpoort.

My wife has played with a variety of wildlife on our travels.
However this is a first for her...
Carolyn together with Gertie the Guinea fowl.

The garden of Die Ou Pastorie in Skeerpoort.
Once a month they hold a music afternoon featuring a well known South African musician.
Unfortunately, our arrival coincided with the end of Chris Chameleon's performance...
Oh well, we will have to return next month to see Dan Patlanski.

These owls caught me every time...
I would catch them in my peripheral vision and for a moment I would think they were real!
But like the Norwegian Blue in the Monty Python sketch, they are nailed to the tree.

Die Ou Pastorie makes a variety of jams and other products on the property.
All bring your credit card.

They make the BEST chicken liver pate I have ever eaten.
Buy a couple of these to make sure that you serve it correctly

This "display" in the foyer attracted my attention.
A rather interesting lampshade

And I discovered this in the dining room...

Gertie(in the foreground) seems to photo-bomb almost every image.
The remnants of the audience from the performance stayed on to enjoy a beverage or two

And possible the best cheesecake EVER...
Decadent, yes! But worth every mouthful.

The veranda area of the main building.
Originally built in the 1880's as a home for the local Pastor,
it has been a police station, a private residence and currently a restaurant and guesthouse.

Water, water everywhere.
I found a Pied Kingfisher trying to catch and early dinner here.

No food in the sparkling rock swimming pool.
No people either as the weather was a little on the chilly side.

The accommodation...
Skeerpoort was originally the last stop where riders or ox-wagon trains 
would shave and freshen up before riding into Pretoria.
The area has a rich historical heritage, 
specifically revolving around the second Anglo-Boer war from 1899-1902 

Quirky, YES. But fun as guests can lie in the bath 
and chat to the person lying on the bed.

A very comfortable bed, with electric blankets to keep the chill away.

My wife looking at my winning elephant image
 in the August edition of Country Life magazine.
Die Ou Pastorie features in the same edition
Aside from relaxing and reading, there are a plethora of venues to visit 
and things to experience in the area.

Sue, the owner, grows her own micro greens which are used in the dining room.
They are also packaged and sold from their shop

You can enjoy a meal on the veranda if the weather is suitable

We enjoyed our dinner indoors...
Clockwise: Chicken Liver Pate, Duck Pie and Vegetarian Lasagna...
All are HIGHLY recommended.

As a weekend getaway, Die Ou Pastorie is highly recommended.
Great food, comfortable accommodation and friendly staff 
all contributed to our enjoyment.

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