Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eventually...I find predators during Hamiltons Tented Camp game drives

We found this female on our first game drive.

She was ambling along scent marking and generally trying to ignore us

The "eyes" have it!

She was very relaxed although she did not still for extended periods

Caught in the act...


On a mission...

Like our cat at home,
tail proudly in the air

Up close...

I thought that this was as close as I was going to get to Lion.
We did not see any on our drives...
And then, on our FINAL drive we found THIS...

A coalition of four young males on a buffalo kill.
I was able to get images of three as the fourth vanished for a nap as we arrived

Considering they had killed this buffalo the night before,
there was not much left of the carcass

Sunlight on the mane

"I am trying to give mouth-to-mouth,
but it seems that I am too late"...

Full belly, almost time for a nap

There was still meat on the back legs

Bonding time...for now.
In years to come, these youngsters could turn on each other

Taking a breath...

"This buffalo tasted GOOD"...

One of the other guests on the vehicle captures the scene.

All images were taken on game drives from Hamiltons Tented Camp.
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