Sunday, August 17, 2014

From the Radisson Blu, Dublin. Day one

After a chaotic LATE start due to a three hour delay in Johannesburg, my Samsonite suitcase has arrived safely in Dublin.
I was truly happy to see this going round on the carousel.


From the window of my business class suite at the Radisson Blu.
The wind is blowing...reminding me of Cape Town

I have no idea what these buildings are, but I love the view...

Lots of Gulls.

Looking in a different direction

I will try to find out about the building in the centre of this image

Some of the locals?
These bikes are for hire

I liked the light fitting

It looks very fancy and I have not used one before.

I have a "lounge"...and water bottled in GLASS.

A comfy bed, but I am glad I brought my pillow with.
The ones from the hotel are too soft for me

Lots of product in the bathroom
To find out more about the hotel and what it can offer,
visit their website...


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