Saturday, August 23, 2014

From West to East...Goodbye to the Wild Atlantic Way.

And so our trip comes to an end...
Many thanks to all at @Failte_Ireland for putting this trip together.
Not forgetting Ellen, Martina, Christina, Will and driver Kevin.

Flower, catching up on Irish tourist information...
in Chinese.

Our road back from Dingle to Dublin was not a small country road...
But a major motorway...thank goodness

Our only stop for the day was at this museum

These "flying boats" flew across the Atlantic in about twelve hours.
Today that journey only takes about five!
They were no pressurized and therefore had to fly below the weather.
There would have been a lot of turbulance.
And the cost?
In 1939...about $5000.00
You could by a house for that price.
And look at the size compared to a modern day 747

There is still cake in the tin...
No one wanted to try eating it.

Only twelve of these craft were made.
None of the originals have survived.
However, this is a full scale model based on the plans used to build those.


You could even have a bunk bed!

The cockpit was rudimentary at best...

There is a small tea shop and curio store attached to the museum.
There are about 500 people living in the town (village?) 
And several were having lunch here with their families.

This airport was also the home of Irish coffee.
It is all in how you add the cream

Yup...He seems to be from Africa, Hawaii and Ireland.

The locals were so happy they named a roadside Mall after him.
This is the Obama Mall...

Yes it is...

Why is this pub so named?

Because there used to be a ha'penny toll to cross this bridge.
Not any more.

Where the old meets the new

This is as close as I will ever get to Trinity College, Dublin.

My final hotel room on this wonderful Wild Atlantic Way tour.
I am staying at the Hilton Dublin.
I will get to try out NONE of the amenities as I have to leave for the airport at 03h00!

Tune into the brief interview I had on this station.


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