Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If this is Tuesday, It has to be Loophead.

Ellen and Will, out tour guides,
waiting patiently...
As they have been every day so far.
Saying "Goodbye" to Lahinch.

This long and winding road ended up...

At the Loophead Lighthouse

This young lady has been working here for the past four summer seasons.
There had been rain just before our group arrived,
hence the wiping down of the outdoor furniture

A lighthouse,
inside a lighthouse...

A mini Cliffs of Moher?

Stephen, who looks after the lighthouse

The view from the bus.
This tractor could not find a place to let us pass.
So we "tootled" behind him for several miles until we were able to get by

The dolphins we were looking for had headed west for the afternoon.
This was the closest I got to them.

Soup and sandwiches for lunch.
At the world renowned Crotty's Pub in Kilrush

I noticed this building on the way to the marina and Skattery Island

Not quite the Captain of a luxury cruise ship,
but John IS the captain of his own vessel.
It plies the waters between Kilrush and Skattery Island

Two aircraft leaving a vapour trails in the skies above us

The tallest round tower in Ireland...

And from the inside.

These stone walls are all over Ireland.

Another view of the tower,
this time from the highest point on the island

I have noticed that all the guides that I have interacted with/interviewed
are exuberant about their "product".
John was no exception!
Only pity, was that most of the people from County Clare,
he was difficult to understand as he tended to speak quickly.

From the ruins of the church and the graveyard on the island.
The last burial took place here in 2007

I was in Ireland during the last week of their school holidays.
Hence the inordinate number of circuses
and amusement parks I spotted in towns along the route.
We ended our evening in Tralee at the Siamsa Tire,
the National Folk Theatre of Ireland.
This amusement park was outside. 


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