Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our walk to dinner...First night in Dublin

As our group left the hotel,
This is what cantered past.

This door just attracted my eye

One of the quaint Dublin streets has...

I liked the name of this shop
A feast for all the senses.

Inside, there is a mixture of both food and decor.
And each seems to compliment the other...
Part of the journalism team on the current press junket,
is seated to the right of this image

My dinner...on the recommendation of our tour guide.
And it WAS a great choice!
The dish is called Eden Smokies and it is their signature dish.
Smoked Haddock,cherry tomato, spring opion

Water on tap?
Who would have guessed!

Neither the wine OR the bread were there for a photographic shoot

Guinness...a meal in a glass

One of the lampshades that hung over our table...
Stick around, something?

I thought that this building is/was something

A different view of the same street

Two of the team,
however they seemed to have eventually got our waitress to...


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