Sunday, August 3, 2014

The ONLY way to travel to the Kruger National Park...Airlink to Skukuza

My new Samsonite S'Cure luggage
on the way to the recently refurbished Skukuza Airport

Not to be outdone, I followed on Airlink.
The airline has now introduced the first scheduled flights to this airport 

I noticed one of the passengers reading an article I had written.
In Skyways July edition...

Skukuza comes into view.
Less than 45 minutes from Johannesburg!
Airlink also flies directly from Cape Town to the park.

The last time I flew here, it looked almost "post- apocalyptic"

The building on the left is the Baggage Claim area.
With a tree growing through the roof!
Well done to the architects and environmentalists who made this new building happen.

This entrance/exit leads to the parking lot.

The view to the departure "lounge"...

Small aircraft will continue to use the airport.
However, most of these are charter flights.

A little colour in an otherwise drab winter landscape

Time to head home...

But before I go, a cup of coffee from this concession 

The aforementioned departure area...
Seeing that it is "outdoors"it has none of the claustrophobic feeling that airports often have 

Look up...
These birds are in the lounge

For those "forgotten" gifts...

The reserved parking area for the lodge vehicles.
No walking long distances to get to your transport.
Not only ease of use, it is right next to the baggage claim area

The friendliest check-in...

Goodbye Skukuza...

Hello ORT...
To find out about more about the Skukuza schedule,

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