Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wild Atlantic Way. Tour day 1

And what if your dog does not speak Irish?

Then your man comes along to clean up!

We had to wait for one member of our tour group to get in from India.
While we waited we went across the block to have a look
at St Patrick's Cathedral...
And a spectacular building it is.
Due to long a queue,
and the fact that we were running out of time,
we did not get to go inside

Our tour guide Will Collins,
explaining one of the finer points in Dublin's rich heritage

Did YOU know that the nocturne was "invented"?
You do now...

Our mobile "home" for the day.
It will be our "transport du jour" for the rest of our tour

From the window of the bus, as we left Dublin.
Ireland seems to have an inordinate number of
churches and psychiatric hospitals...
Not forgetting pubs!

The last time I saw this mode of transport was in Melbourne, Australia

For my South African readers...
There is a friendly Spar wherever you are.

Another doorway...with window

We saw many of these on the drive from East to West

I would not mind living in one of these...

But I would PREFER to live here.

We had a wonderful lunch here...
Burren Fine Wine and Food.
I got to try Black Pudding for the first time!

FINALLY...we get to see the Atlantic.

From a great vantage point

There are a variety of different flowering plants that live in this harsh environment

This being one of the rarest...
No, it is NOT a weed.
It is actually a rather sought after Orchid

Talk about getting up close and personal

It has been a long day.
Getting from the East coast to the West,
and spending most of the day in the bus.
But, as Will said,"See it as relocation for the rest of the week".
The sunset rivaled any that I have seen in Africa.


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