Monday, September 8, 2014

A Cape Town weekend

My wife and I recently got to spend time with my daughter in HER city.
This was our final day together and the sun decided to make an appearance.
I am grateful and blessed to have both these women in my life.

From the craggy rock formations along the N7...

To this para-glider and client that dropped in.
Cape Town certainly has a lot to offer visitors,
local and International

This sculpture represents the number of Rhino slaughtered for their horns.
Without the "sight", the rhino is fragmented,
once in the cross hairs, it becomes a whole animal

These Cormorants were flying in formation,
only meters above the surf.
There must have been a couple of hundred birds.

Surfers are NOT afraid of the cold...
or the rocky shoreline!

Coming in to land

A quiet contemplative moment.

Looking at where the cable goes,
it seems that this device is "dog powered".

I watched this fellow "re build" this broken umbrella.
Recycling at its most basic?

Cape Town seems to have a surfeit of statues.
In Johannesburg, many of ours have been stolen and sold as scrap.
A sad indictment on some of the citizens of our city

"Together we are stronger"?
I don't think so.

Even weeds have beautiful flowers

We often forget to look up...

I wonder why Jan Smuts is looking SO grumpy

I did not know that specialist smoking shops still existed.
Even minus the "T"...

A lone white male face in a crowd of protestors.

Keeping the city "safe"?
Are condoms available from this mobile kiosk?

If there are two people in a "selfie",
is it then an "usie"?
Just asking.
Happy times for my child and I.

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