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Bellgables Country Restaurant. Muldersdrift.

The peace and serenity of the garden path,
leading from the parking area to the dining room at Bellgables Country Restaurant,
does NOT prepare first time guests for what lies in store...

I should imagine that this outdoor fireplace
gets to see a lot of service during the cold Highveld winters.
During our visit it was not necessary,
as it was a balmy Spring evening.

We reach the front door...
AND still had NO idea what lay ahead.

Try to describe this image in one word.
Near impossible I would suggest.
OTT doing OTT and working!
It is a visual feast.
So much to take in without staring at people already seated.

Another view.
No empty spaces, and not a surface that does not have SOMETHING on it.
That being said, we could not find a speck of dust anywhere

An interesting use of fruit as part of the decor.
There was also fruit in the basket with the bread on our table.

"Amazing" Grace...
The "face" of the restaurant.
A pleasure to deal was all the staff that we interacted with

My wife, Carolyn, almost blending into the background

The "view" from our table.
We were seated in a small area, just in front of the wine cellar.
Although it was just the two of us, the table can seat 14.

Just some of the decorations at "our" table...
I meant to ask the owner if any of the smaller items are ever purloined.

This is the main dining area.
This table can seat 26!

Heavy curtains on all the windows adds to the almost fantasy like feeling.

A superb wine list is available...
The venue does offer wine pairing dinners.
There is an extensive selection available from the well stocked celler

Take a bow...
Director/Chef Patron Errol Gobey, who cooked us a SUPERB meal.
He is a member of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs as Maitre Rostisseur,
very impressive, non?
The restaurant has won too many awards to mention them all here.
Errol's regulars have commented via Facebook:
This from Mike Jankelowitz:
He must go eat there more often, David Batzofin! 
For a wonderful blog he did write! 
It was perfect for the night, and Bell continues to bring delight. 

And his pics are outta sight!

Engela Calitz wrote the following:
Agree fully David. A truly unique and wonderful experience - our favorite restaurant!
Jenny Smidt added:
Definitely our favorite restaurant in S. Africa. Unique, tasteful, and I don't mean only the delicious food, or it's generous, if not interesting portions and presentation. Attention to detail, in every sense of the word. Excellent service. Wonderful decor. which certainly prepares and wakens all one's senses, to the culinary delights ahead. A gastronomic feast.

Bellgables was originally Errol's home
and this was the floor of the veranda.
He tells me the tiles are still available locally.

ANOTHER table display

Even the area outside the toilets has not been neglected.
As I mentioned earlier,this is OTT taken to a whole new level,
however it does not overpower,
but enhances the culinary experience that guests get to enjoy.

And the meal?
Every dish, from soup (almost a meal on its own)...

To the mains...
Lamb shank for me and roast duck ( Bellgables' signature dish)

The posy of garnish on our mains was held together in a noodle!

Dessert( you HAVE to try the Creme Brulee)
The portions were large enough to be satisfying,
but not to the point where we left feeling "stuffed".
Full? Yes...but not uncomfortably so.
If you are thinking of using Bellgables as a first date dinner,
just be aware that it WILL be a hard act to follow.
If you are using it to celebrate a special occasion,
you will score points with your significant other.
The restaurant has been around for twenty years,
which means they MUST be doing something right!
Don't take my word for it...
visit and make up your own mind.
And then email me and tell me if I was right.
Booking is essential as this is a VERY popular "dining out" destination.

A delicious cappuccino to finish of our meal.


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