Thursday, September 18, 2014

Get on the bus. My Greyhound ride to Cape Town

This is the reason for my most recent trip to Cape Town.

Happy 30th birthday to my wonderful daughter Jayne.
Welcome to a new decade.

As the sun set on Park Station in Johannesburg,
it was time to hope on the bus and head toward CapeTown
and the birthday celebrations

My "home" for the next 18 hours,
depending on traffic.

Leaving the rather run down station bus parking area.
I so wish that it whole station would be upgraded

My seat in "business" class.
The downstairs area has bigger seating with more leg room

Better than seating in some airlines I have flown with

This "tray" folds down and becomes a leg rest.
Most convenient...

Interesting interior design and lighting

There were DVD's for entertainment.
The first one shown was "Taken 2".
Probably on of the top 5 worst movies of ALL time

There is a small galley on board.
Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits were offered.
Snacks, mainly chips and chocolates were on sale.

The staircase leading to the upper deck

This is the main seating area,
and where the majority of passengers choose to travel

The bus does make a series of planned stops.
In order for the passengers to stretch their legs and get something to eat.
And a welcome break for the smokers on board...

Glad to know that they are patrolling the highway

There is something about a petrol station at night...

Dawn through the bus window

Away in the distance...the mountains lie without snow


My Favourite image of the Karoo.

The early morning sun as we drive through Beaufort West

The inclement weather that I was told would be the norm for the whole weekend

My final destination, the recently refurbished Cape Milner Hotel.

Many thanks to Lance,the owner of this company,
for not only fetching me from the bus terminus,
but also giving me two days of car hire...
Here are their details, please support when you are next in Cape Town:
Carmania Car Hire
337B Main Road Observatory 7925
Cape Town South Africa
(Opposite the Groote Schuur Hospital
on the M4 (top main road)
Tel: +27 21 4473001
Fax: +27 21 4473009
Mobile: 083 261 9834 / 082 437 5842

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