Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy 30th birthday to my daughter, Jayne

Jayne's birthday started with dinner at the Cape Milner Hotel.
She declared that her Sashimi was MOST delicious

My dinner, chosen for me by the waiter...
Sirloin with short rib.
This was a truly stunning dish.
The mash was as smooth as velvet.

We decided to share this peach/ vanilla muffin dessert.

Waiting to be unpacked/ opened in the morning...

Flowers and snacks for the birthday girl...

Happy birthday to my wonderful child...
She was with me for my 60th,
I am glad that I was able to be with her on her 30th.
Poor child had only JUST woken up when I took this picture.

Many thanks to the staff at the Cape Milner Hotel for organizing this surprise.

Father and daughter...
Let the day begin.

We started off at Kalk Bay Harbour...
At this stage the weather was still playing up,
and the intermittent rain was not being helpful...

We went to the Polana Restaurant in Kalk Bay for coffee,
and were TOTALLY ignored by not one, but three staff members.
They were hanging around chatting to each other.
I have posted a really bad review on their Facebook page,
but it seems as if we are not the only ones to experience this lack of service.
More importantly, management does not seem to care.
I urge you NOT to support this restaurant.
So we left there, a bit miffed, and headed off elsewhere

The "elsewhere" turned out to be the Newlands Forest.
We spent about 90 minutes walking, and as this picture shows,
jumping in nature...

But that was not all.
Jayne decided that it would be cool if we climbed Lions Head together.

Cape Town as I have never seen it before.

Upwards and onward...

This second ladder was our turning point.
The mountain was very busy with a variety of climbers
and runners going up and down.


The view of Lions Head from the balcony of our "home" for the evening.
The Pepper Club in Loop Street.

Good night...
The end of a wonderful day together.
I an grateful and blessed to have had this time with my daughter.

Many thanks to General Manager of the Cape Milner Hotel, Jeremy Flowerday
for making ours a very special stay.

I traveled to and from Cape Town with this bus company.

Many thanks to Lance,the owner of this company,
for not only fetching me from the bus terminus,
but also giving me two days of car hire...
Here are their details, please support when you are next in Cape Town:
Carmania Car Hire
337B Main Road Observatory 7925
Cape Town South Africa
(Opposite the Groote Schuur Hospital
on the M4 (top main road)
Tel: +27 21 4473001
Fax: +27 21 4473009
Mobile: 083 261 9834 / 082 437 5842

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