Sunday, September 21, 2014

Memories were only a bus ride away.

This posting is dedicated to my wonderful daughter Jayne.
I was recently able to spend a few days with her in Cape Town
in order to join her in celebrating her 30th birthday.
The Origami heart she is holding was from a production that she wrote and directed
called Kardiavale.
It lives in a notebook in my camera bag,
but I felt that it was apt that she hold it.
This song will forever remind me of her:

And what did we do?
We ate French toast  for breakfast...
At not one hotel, but two!

We admired the fortitude of the trees on the Atlantic seaboard.
They are able to bend with the wind and not break.

Our Lego moment...

I traveled to Cape Town on a Greyhound bus
One of the towns I passed through.
I think it was Beaufort West.

It could be the USA...or Australia
But it is our very own Karoo

On January 25, 1981 it became the scene of South Africa's biggest natural disaster to date.
To find out more:

There HAS to be a windmill...

We discovered this in the wardrobe at the Cape Milner Hotel.
Most relaxing after all the walking that we did together

Thanks to the GM, Jeremy, at the Cape Milner
for organizing this special breakfast treat.
And a wonderful dinner!

We went on a walk through Kalk Bay.
I found this in one of the antique shops that is attached to a restaurant.
Or is it the other way round?
Either way, we did not use their "facility".

And to think that this used to be on every dressing table.

Right next door is this very colourful and quirky nursery.

Jayne took me to walk in the Newlands Forest.
A beautiful green lung area that we sadly lack in Johannesburg.
We spent a wonderful time walking and chatting

She also wanted to climb Table Mountain.
Unfortunately, the weather did not play along,
and we only had time to scale Lions Head.
And almost to the summit...but we got close.
This was our view out over Sea Point.

We tried to figure out why this part of the mountain has barbed wire fences.
This was where we ended our time together,
sitting on the rocks overlooking Cape Town and its environs,
and discussing our lives...special father/daughter time

On the bus trip back to Johannesburg.
Got to love the way the locals build.

In stark contrast are these abandoned houses just outside Johannesburg

Some of the signs that caught my eye...
Difficult to capture through the tinted window of a moving bus.

I would not have missed it for the world!
Jayne came to my 60th, and perhaps, I might even make it to hers.
But for now I am so blessed and grateful to have spent this very special occasion with her.
And I know that she likes this song:

Helping to make these memories were:

My return trip to Cape Town was with Greyhound Luxury Bus Service

We were hosted at
the recently refurbished Cape Milner Hotel.

the eclectic Pepper Club in Loop Street.

Thanks for two days of car hire.

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