Monday, October 27, 2014

Back to Mauritius...on Air Mauritius flight MK852

Once again it was time to head to "The Island"...
After a tough week climbing Kilimanjaro(successfully),
I was looking forward to spending time with my wife...
just doing NOTHING!

The SAA Business Class Lounge...
with thanks to Air Mauritius.
Listen to Magna Carta doing my favourite "airport" song:

Some of the detail on the wall in the passage.

There is a whole wall full of stunning glassware.

And a bottle full of Jelly Beans

Some reading matter...
Although our South African newspapers are full of "doom-and-gloom" currently

Almost time to board.
This is my third trip to Mauritius,
but the first time for my wife.

It is also the first time she has flown business class!

It was only two weeks ago that I took off for Tanzania on this runway

Goodbye Johannesburg...

Lots on offer to read...
And all current issues

What is behind the curtain?
I suppose the passengers in Economy Class are keen to find out.

Great service for one.
And seeing that there is limited Business Class seating,
the attention in more personal and faster.

"Chicken or Beef"?
The choice was fish, chicken or Ostrich

And PROPER cutlery,
wrapped in good linen.

My meal...
L to R: Appetizer, Apple juice, dessert, mains (ostrich), starter

High above the African coastline

Bubbles in my Vanilla tea.

Looking backward into economy class.
Plenty of honeymoon couples here,
none in business class.

Heading towards the island and our week of rest and recreation.

While I was in Mauritius,
I got to interview the Vice President of sales for Air Mauritius,
Mr Rana Ramdaursingh.
This is what we chatted about.

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