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Kilimanjaro Challenge, 2014. Through my lens, part 2

A trip is not complete unless I come home with thousands of images.
On this trip, I limited myself to about 1500.

Almost time to the adventure to begin.
The flight from Kigali to Kilimanjaro International Airport takes about 70 minutes.
I have to give Kigali Airport 0/10 for amenities and 10/10 for security.
I am hoping that the facilities we had to use as transit passengers are temporary.

It seems that all airports buy their PA systems from the same company.
Cheap and Nasty...
No matter where the airport is, I certainly have difficulty trying to understand announcements.
Millions of $'s are spent on buildings,
and about $1.15 is spent on the PA.
At least in Kigali you can see the staff member making the announcement

Breakfast of champions...
Unless you are on a carb-free diet.
Keys Hotel also offers fresh fruit and a hot breakfast.

Something we understand all too well in South Africa.
There were power problems every night we spent at the hotel.
On our final evening, a tree fell on the incoming power lines,
AND the fan belt on the hotel generator had broken.
Power was restored in the early hours of the morning.
How did I know?
I forgot to turn my TV set off...

The scale-of-death...
Climbers are only allowed 12kg while on the mountain.
The guides are very strict about this and most of the team
 had to weigh their bags more than once to make the limit

The less I had to carry in my back pack the better I felt.
But I did carry a rain jacket every day.
Snacks and water made up the bulk of what I carried while walking.

Important to know...

I just liked the colour of this "window"...

I challenge anyone to attempt this balancing act!
The porters carry 20kg each.
This amount is daily as the food supplies dwindle.
The load is then re-allocated so that there is no discrepancy in the amounts carried

I wonder what the combined mileage of these boots would be...

These cairns are found allover the various routes.
As I have a feeling that this is my final trip to the mountain,
I added "my" rocks to a pile each day

Ice on our breakfast table...

Where my tent used to be.
The moment that you have packed your bag and are ready to leave,
staff dismantle the camp in double quick time.
They have to pack and  get to the next camp site before we did.
And this was accomplished every day!

Some of the scenery was spectacular.
We were able to se into Kenya from the Rongai Route

Alpine Desert, the most desolate of all the zones.

Four tourists were killed in this plane crash in November, 2008.
The pilot survived.
This was the main wreckage site,
however we found parts used along the route as markers.
There were also several pieces at Tarn Hut camp
In January, 2006, 3 American climbers and several porters were killed in a rock fall on the Western Breach route.
About 30000 climbers attempt Kilimanjaro every year, and 8-9 people die.
60% WILL make the summit,
and 40% (12000) will turn around or be asked to walk off the mountain for a variety of reasons
In January 2013, and Irish climber was killed by lightning

"I'm watching you"...
This individual was part of a group of Blue Monkeys
that took an interest on us as we left the mountain

My first image of sunrise from Gilman's Point.
The flash was bouncing off the ice particles in the air

This was the "real deal"...
About 30 minutes later from Stella Point.
Made every tough, cold, miserable step WORTHWHILE.

Not once, but twice...


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