Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Airbus A380...flying home in style with Emirates.

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And, just like that, it is time to say goodbye to Spain.
I cannot believe that my trip is over
 as it seems like only yesterday that I arrived.

Once again, I was fortunate to be upgraded to Business Class,
and as a result I was able to use this facility in Barcelona

The chairs were "too comfortable"...
and if it was not for the fact that the layover was only a couple of hours
I might have been tempted to have a nap

There are several areas within the lounge,
including a "Quiet Room"

I did not get to try the ice-cream,
but fellow passengers did say it was very tasty

A view out over part of the shopping area

Even with all the food available,
these sweets still attracted "hands" of both arriving and departing passengers

Time to board.
Being in this queue made me feel very special!

My accommodation...
Upstairs on the Airbus A380.

This is what I call an entertainment centre.

"My" cabin attendant.
In this class, the staff to passenger ratio is awesome.

We had a lounge...

Looking like something from the future.
Perhaps one day,all air travel will be like this.
Although, I fear, not in my lifetime.
For a "common" traveler like me,
this was a very special treat.
Going to be difficult having to adjust to economy class again...

What animal can you make with a teeny tiny VERY hot cloth?

The bar in the lounge served a variety of snacks...

As I had already had dinner, I did not indulge...
Perhaps Emirates should consider putting a gym on board
to counteract the effects of all the wonderful food they serve.

The window blinds are electronically controlled.


We land in Dubai.
I am here for four hours,
so plenty of time to have a look at a variety goods that I cannot afford.

Goodbye to Dubai...
Time to board my last Emirates flight back to Johannesburg.
Many thanks to all at the airline who made my journey such a pleasant one


My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the "travelling heart" from my daughter...

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