Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ambre Hotel, Mauritius...we explore

Any guess where we are staying?

This is a Madagascar Fody...
STUPID bird...
He spent most of the day pecking at his reflection in our window.
He must have had a HUGE headache.
But, he kept at it...hour after hour...
He might just end up on Trip Advisor.

My wife and I decided to have an evening stroll,
to prepare for the dinner that lay ahead.

This fellow might have been off to catch HIS dinner

There is something calming watching waves breaking on the rocks

My wife could wear sackcloth and ashes
and still look stunning.

One of the many activities on offer.

This might be our view during dinner later.

This is where we will be eating.

Not quite "Tour de France" standard,
but it works for the owner.

One of the island doves looking for a morsel.

Sunset time...

The hotel has a couple of "resident" dogs.

I liked the juxtaposition of the colours

Looking over the pool towards reception and the entrance

It is NOT a hot tub...
One of the MANY seating areas around to the pool

This part of  reception doubles as a seating area for Indigo


At night the hotel changes character when the lights come on

Everyone with a smartphone is a photographer.
I bet none of this generation knows what it is like
to have to wait for your holiday photographs to be "developed and printed"...
Instant gratification is now the name of the game.

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