Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dinner at Dolce Vita, Ambre Hotel, Mauritius . Our holiday comes to an end.

The outside seating area at Dolce Vita

For a special occasion...
Dinner on the beach

From the outside looking in...

This restaurant is very popular with guests and
dinner reservations have to be booked.
My only question...why do men HAVE to wear long pants?
We are on holiday...women are not FORCED to wear dresses.
This seems to be a British "custom" that we don't need.

The pizzas that we had were delicious,
HOWEVER, we were not having pizza tonight.

These were Carolyn's choices...

Fresh Australian Beef Carpaccio.

Grilled pave of Sacrechien (Ruby Snapper) with linguine al pesto
and a crispy shrimp Bonbon

Creamy, semi-sweet chocolate of Caraibes.

And for me...

Sea Spider...which was ACTUALLY crab meat,
 served with a fresh tomato gazpacho.
Delicious and very different

An all time favourite of mine for Main...
Lamb Shank.
The meat was beautiful, but there was far too much gravy.

Baked cheesecake.

I did consider a post dinner dip in the pool.
But decided against it for a variety of reasons.

All gone!
Time to head to our room to pack.
We have to leave for the airport VERY early in the morning.
G'nite all...

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Jean-Marie Delort said...

Delicious Mauritius! Bye Bye Carolyn & David.