Thursday, November 27, 2014

I experience the pleasure of low cost flying with FlySafair

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No sooner had I returned from a trip to Spain and Portugal
than I was back at ORT...
This time in domestic departures, 
about to board the "newest" low cost airline currently flying in South African airspace.
They have only being flying since October 2014, 
however they must be doing something right as the flight was almost fully booked.

The international definition of a "low-cost" airline states:
"One where passengers are allowed two pieces of hand luggage 
with a combined weight not exceeding 7kg.
Any baggage over the limit has to be checked in and payed for".
I did hear a couple of passengers complaining, 
but they were made aware of the terms and conditions via the website
AND the ticket that you print out.
So, no excuses if you are trying to get an extra kg or two onto the flight and get "caught".

Time to board.
Although several  rows were told to enter through the rear of the plane,
the steps there were being removed as we arrived 
and a queue formed at the front entrance.
The banter was jovial, and none of my fellow travelers seemed too stressed by this inconvenience.

Even though the majority of passengers were travelling with hand luggage,
there was ample space in the overhead lockers.

The in flight magazine was interesting and informative.

When was the last time passengers were allowed to smoke on an aircraft?
Certainly not in the 21st century.
 a] why do staff STILL make the no smoking announcement
b] Why do aircraft still have "No Smoking" signs?
Certainly if these were eradicated there would be a cost saving?

The business end of the plane...
A great crew on my flight...
more importantly, 
I could understand EVERY word that was spoken over the intercom.

Own up...
How many of us want to do the safety briefing?
I know that I do!

Goodbye Johannesburg,
next stop Cape Town.

I noticed that many of the passengers were asleep even before we had taken off

If you have never been into the galley,
this is what stops the carts from "escaping"...

One of my fellow flyers enjoying the magazine.

Time for a snack and a drink.
I suggest that you carry enough small change so that there are no problems when you order.
Tea, coffee, water and some alcohol is available.
Biltong, crisps and chocolate are also on offer

Not a normal view,
but an interesting one for for me never the less

And to prove that I was busy at 35000ft.

So were the crew.
The flight duties are not complete until the paperwork is done.

Our destination...Cape Town!

We were asked to place our seat belts neatly on our seats before leaving.
Do I get points for this attempt?

See you again soon...

My version of a Dali portrait.
Taken outside Cape Town International Airport.
And no, dear reader, this was not induced by any "substance"...
Merely a reflection in the metal back of a bus shelter

My experience with this carrier on this flight was a very positive one.
I do hope that they continue to keep the standards that I observed
and that South African flyers will become aware of the options that are available to them.
The current routes include Jhb-CT-George-Port Elizabeth.

My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the "travelling heart" from my daughter...

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