Thursday, November 20, 2014

Insight Vacations take me to Monsaraz to look at the view.

This is the view that greeted me after I returned from my run around the Evora city wall

Once again the Aqueduct "photo-bombed" a picture

Although the rain had stopped long enough for me to run,
it returned as we drove out of Evora towards Monsaraz
Rain reflected in the coach wing mirror
Our coach driver, Helder, offering journo Steve shelter from the rain...

A view from the outside looking in...
or should I say up

Jumping for joy?
No, Tom is jumping because I asked him to.

The village outside the castle walls

Looking down one of the side streets

Bannister decoration.

As it is situated on the top of a hills,
the views of the surrounding countryside are spectacular

Inside the castle walls.
There are a few people who still live here.
But the majority are traders who sell to the tourists,
but do not stay here permanently 

This lake is man-made and was not here when the castle was built

The workmanship of the stonemasons who built these walls
is truly superb.
Would our modern building stand the test of time?
I somehow do not think so

I kept expecting Russel Crowe to step into the arena.

My view from the parapet.
In the foreground, a cemetary and the lake in the distance

Door hardware

Most of the shops were selling Olive oil and ceramics.
This one was selling a variety of hand made woolen goods

When we arrived this street had been full of cars.
Luckily they were all gone when I was leaving
and I was able to get this shot

Looking through the main entrance

It has been a while since I have seen one of these cars...

I got to chat with Insight Vacations CEO John Boulding

My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the "travelling heart" from my daughter...

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