Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our coach ride to Evora. Insight Vacations shows us around

We left Lisbon behind, shrouded in mist and pouring with rain.
It was still raining when we arrived in Azeito to sample the wine
made at Jose Maria da Fonseca

The company is the oldest table wine producer in Portugal.
I had always thought that wine vats would have taps,
I was mistaken

The enormous Brazilian mahogany casks can hold up to 20000l
of slowly fermenting wine

Just behind the winery is this beautiful private garden.
Even though it was raining we all wandered though
on our way to see what else the winery had to show us

This is not set dressing!
These spider webs are real.
I never did find out how old the property was to be covered in such a spectacular manner

Or for that matter, how long these casks have been standing

Looking down the length of the storage room...

The visit ended off with a wine tasting (why else would we be there)
And then it was back to our luxury coach to head off to our next destination...
The UNESCO world heritage site, Evora

While waiting for our hotel rooms,
 I decided to take a walk around the walled city

And look what I discovered!
Like much of this part of Europe, Portugal has been home to a variety of cultures
and invading hordes.
All of whom have left their mark behind.
In the square behind this ruin, relics from the 12th, 13th
and 14th centuries have been discovered

And how did I know this?
Because Maria, our Evora expert, told me...

I want on of these...

The first statue of a pregnant Mary that I have even seen

Wandering through the side streets...

"Ask not for whom the bell tolls"...

This facade seemed to be held together by the steel bar.

Most of the side streets inside the walled city look like this

From the Bone Chapel, Capela dos Ossos
And all the bones are from deceased people,
not stage props!
To find out more about this "spooky" place:

Some of the locals...

We finished off our fist day with yet ANOTHER wonderful meal.
This time at Maria Luisa Restaurante in the old city.

My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the "travelling heart" from my daughter...

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