Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our final afternoon at Ambre Hotel, Mauritius

We had gone out on these earlier in the day.
An easy way to get some exercise
and to see the hotel from a different angle

Unlike some hawkers back in South Africa,
these were very polite and not intrusive at all.

The new beanbags...
but you have to get up early as they are quickly snapped up.

One of the multitude of staff that can be found at the Coral Bar.
The drinks we ordered arrived quickly, the food took a bit longer.
But we are on holiday and don't have to be anywhere else

As if eating was not enough...
there was a cooking demonstration WITH tasting!

A great afternoon for a variety of water sports.
Kite surfing...

I am not sure what this is called.
HOWEVER, it looks like you get dragged around on a couch.
It seemed to be a lot of fun

For those who don't want to get wet...

And for the LESS energetic

Water, water everywhere...

My wife returning from her snorkeling adventure

The Boathouse crew clean the gear for the next guests.

This is the Boathouse Crew that we had the pleasure of dealing with.
From L-R: Emmanuel, Sam, Olivier (team leader), Carolyn (not really part of the team)
and Paul
Kneeling: Denis, who very kindly collected some shells during the snorkeling expedition,
and did not ask for a cash reward...just positive review!

I am not certain who or what he was guarding...

Time for the tide to turn...
As did we and headed back towards Ambre

What will this fellow tell his Mom when she asks why he is sopping wet

There were several dogs along the beach

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Not quite full moon...
perhaps on our next visit?

If you stay at Ambre and want to participate in the water sports,
try to deal with Olivier and his team.
They are a great group of guys.

Visit their website to see the current specials
and flight times to and from South Africa

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