Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wonderful Lisbon...Part 2

The staff from a nearby restaurant were on a smoke break,
until our Insights Vacations group came along to make them "famous"...

Not only were buildings tiled...

So was the transport.

Considering that all the decoration was carved by hand,
it must have taken decades to complete.
This type of workmanship is no longer practiced,
which is unfortunate.

Inside "Our Lady of the Conception" Catholic Church.
Images do not do this interior justice.

Over the centuries, how many hands have touched these?

Outside the church was the only place I encountered beggars.
And it was sad to see that they were all elderly women

Trams still run in the city.
But commuters can also make use of buses and trains

Kite surfers were taking advantage of the windy conditions in the Atlantic 

I found Lisbon to be a "pretty" city.
Lots of flowers and trees and open park areas

Time to catch some lunch?

Bride of Chucky?
Nope...just a bow ornament on a small boat at the end of a pier

House work while we waited for a table at a local restaurant

And WHAT a lunch... 
Portuguese sardines(HUGE) done on an open grill
Dom Manolo in Cascais 

I discovered many "abandoned" house with doorways and windows bricked up.
I wonder if the workman is still inside...
More importantly, what would I have found if I had been able to look inside.

Is it still "urban" street art if it is on a building along a coastal road?
We drove along the scenic Avenida Marginal 
to get to our final destination for the day, Sinta

Take off...

Sinta in the rain.
We were told that it rains a lot in this area,
and today was no different.
A wonderful town and a quaint shopping area.
Bartering is not an option, 
although we were told that we could ask for cash discounts. 

It had been a long day...
Time to head back to our hotel...

Lisbon by night.
The view from my window.

My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the "travelling heart" from my daughter...

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