Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A bit of this and that from 2014...

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Currently, here in South Africa, we are experiencing "load shedding"
Our electricity supply has been compromised and no one is taking responsibility.
That means that often we are left in the dark once the sun has set.
In the beginning it could be seen as romantic,
now it is just annoying...

Yup, our homes still have these...
but more often than not they are useless...

Unless you have one of THESE!
Now the nights are alive with the sound of generators.
Luckily both our neighbours have as well,
and I therefore don't feel too bad about running ours.
But it is NOT all doom and gloom (pun intended)

Luckily for this Guinea Fowl Springbok do not eat meat.

One of my favourite spots in Johannesburg.
This is the lip of the Franz Richter Dam at Lake Heritage in Muldersdrift

TV cameramen will do almost anything to get the shot.

Every wildlife photographer has "THE" picture...
This is mine.

Sundown in the bush.
This is one of the reasons that I love Africa.
We are truly blessed

And, if you are in the bush, then one of these is required.
Bush TV...I can stare at a fire for hours

My wife and I have been to some wonderful places this year

I got to visit the refurbished airport at Skukuza.
The only way to get to Kruger National Park is to fly in.

My boy, Chagall, welcoming me home.
He hopped onto my car as I was taking time to get out

I am grateful for not one, but two overseas trips in 2014
One to Ireland and the other to Spain and Portugal.

My wife and I got to enjoy a Mediterranean cruise.
The BEST way to enjoy a holiday.

We also visited Mauritius...BONUS. 

I got to climb Kilimanjaro for a second time.
The first time was in 2006

And here is proof!

My "reward" for the successful climb?
Dinner with my wife at Bellgables Restaurant in Muldersdrift.
And yes, we had "proper" food first!

Something an audience never sees...
My daughter, Jayne, as a seamstress.
She was busy with costumes for a play that she directed for her 2nd year students

I keep looking for the small stuff...
Hopefully there will be more in 2015.
Happy festive season to on and all.

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