Tuesday, December 23, 2014

An "Unofficial" Cuban posting...

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This is my version of my wife's recent trip to Cuba.
She had no say in the choice of any of the images in this posting.
I went through her pictures, and chose some of those that "spoke" to me.
Carolyn has a good eye and her pictures have captured the essence of the island.
Any mistakes in the captioning is mine...
This fellow was spotted at the local market

I am told that this rider pulled out a comb to get rid of his "helmet hair"

It seems that travelers can cruise almost anywhere in the world.
Once diplomatic ties have been restored  between the USA and Cuba,
 it will be interesting to see if major cruise lines return to Havana

These seem to come in all colours, shapes and sizes.
Left over form the '50's and seemingly used for tourists mainly

This could be any city, anywhere in the world

Locals making some noise...

I have just returned from a trip to Portugal and Spain
where almost everything is covered in tiles!
The blue tiles in the centre represent dolphins...
my wife's favourite sea mammal

When we go on holiday together there are always two things that Carolyn seems to be able to find.
1] Someone to give her a massage...

and 2] a good cup of coffee...

A picture is worth a thousand words?
Well this picture contains 10!

When I first saw this, I thought it was a statue.
I have it on good authority that this is a mime artist

Two of the locals in brightly coloured outfits.
And no one seems to care...

One of several modes of transport available

Have a look at the "guest" list...

This face has so much to tell...

A view from a hotel window

Having three hands comes in VERY useful when rolling cigars.

Another form of transport

These houses remind me of similar ones that I have seen in Cape Town.
I really like the colours
What our neighbours would say if we decided to paint our house like these?

I find this a very evocative image.
Well done Carolyn...it seems that I have competition.

Her comments on the Samsonite luggage that she "borrowed"...
"I have seen in my husband's postings how he is "in love" with his Samsonite suitcases.
I could not understand this relationship...
Until I borrowed them for this trip
Now, I too, am smitten by the Samsonite luggage and all that it offers.
Ease of use, no keys necessary and more over, it offers plenty of packing space.
On my return it was hard to hand them back to him...I foresee problems on our next joint trip.
I feel that a "hijacking" might be the only option.
I am a convert to the modern Samsonite technology".

These were the two home stays Carolyn enjoyed,
as well as one of the restaurants her group ate at.

Carolyn's tour was organized by Master Travel Ltd, specialists in escorted tours worldwide.
To find out more about the company and what they offer.
visit their web site:

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