Monday, December 1, 2014

FlySafair brings me home...low cost, great service!

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Homeward bound...
Cape Town back to Johannesburg.
My last "planned" trip for 2014
HOWEVER, Have passport will travel...

I had done my check-in the night before via the Internet.
No standing in queues to get a boarding pass.
Paper tickets and even e-tickets are almost a thing of the past

Unlike ORT, the rear of the aircraft was still open
and boarding was quick and relatively easy.
I was "held-up" by two REALLY slow passengers ahead of me
who were uncertain of where they were seated.
COME ON PEOPLE...check your tickets BEFORE you get on board.
Not the fault of the airline at all.

The overhead stowage was only empty for a short time...

Been a while since I have seen one of these.
Luckily , in all my years of flying, I have never needed one.
I have come close on one occasion two years ago,
but I managed to make it to the terminal in time.

Time to "hit-the-road"...

Do these flowers constitute hand luggage?
And if so, are they included in the 7kg carry-on allowance?
It seems that passengers are still "cheating" with this rule.
The two people next to me had:
2x boxes of wine
3x handbags
2x pieces of carry-on luggage
and an umbrella...
Surely that is over the limit?

Time to head home...

Goodbye to Table Mountain,
which spent most of the week hidden under a blanket of clouds.

Not certain when I will see the sea again.

Let the service begin.
The cabin crew work hard and are a pleasure to deal with.

"You want what"...

The "Big Hole" in Kimberley

The Vaal River is just visible in the lower third of this picture.

Did I mention that the cabin crew were very helpful?

And just like that we are back over Johannesburg airspace

Touch down...
Flaps up.
I love the change in the engine noise as we begin our approach.
The noise that the wheels make as they lock into position
And the servo's feeding the flaps kicking into gear.

ORT International Airport in the distance as we begin our taxi
to where we will de-plane.

Talk about a quick turn around time!
This bus that was taking us back to the terminal
was filled with passengers heading for Cape Town.
Thanks to the cabin staff AND the cockpit crew
 for bringing me back safely and in comfort.

A Happy Festive season one and all.
I do hope that I get to try out their other routes in the new year

My experience with this carrier on this flight was a very positive one.
I do hope that they continue to keep the standards that I observed
and that South African flyers will become aware of the options that are available to them.
The current routes include Jhb-CT-George-Port Elizabeth.

My travelling companions.
Justin, the Gnome, Kwand-hare
and the "travelling heart" from my daughter...

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