Friday, January 30, 2015

Andy's Acoustic Forum in B&W. January 2015

There are some important items required for an acoustic evening.
Firstly, a guitar. 
Preferably more than one...
otherwise it would be a short evening

Microphone...good quality.
The sound engineer should strive to make the musician sound perfect.
If not perfect, no howl round would be a good option.
Oh, and switching it ON sometimes works...

Even though acoustic is "non-electric",
some amplification is required.
This is to drown out the noise of the ringing cellphones 
and audience members talking loudly.
I fear the latter will just raise their voices and continue...

And, of course you will need musicians...
For one of these Marks Park evenings, 
four or five is a good number.
Sometimes a performer might not turn up,
and then the others will each get to do an extra song.
Andy believes in value for money...

Setting the tone for the evening can be difficult.
In the case of Herman, he started off with a couple of instrumental number.
But complied with an audience request to sing at the end of his set.
I think that he was glad to fulfill the request

Stuart shared the fact that his eyes "ain't what they used to be"...
So out came the glasses.

You have to have a Fender in the band...

Sez, not looking too happy about the change of lyrics.
Luckily he only provided electric guitar,
and was not affected by the alterations

"What are the new lyrics"?

Late arrivals are not common.
But Steve arrived 2 hours late and took third spot on the night

A powerful set with haunting lyrics...

My FAVOURITE South African "Rock-chick"
Cindy Alter...
Whoo Hoo...

Cindy has a wonderful stage presence,
honed over years in the industry.
She can be playful with her audience, 
yet focused when it come to her music

With a little help from a friend on slide guitar

"Let me tell you a story"...

With her new sponsored Crafter 12-string guitar

The last couple of years she has been part of Alter Irving,
but in 2015 she is sailing alone.
That being said, she and Stuart finished of the evening with a couple of duets

A combined tribute to the fact that Cindy has been cancer free for 12 years.

Sans glasses...'cause he can remember the lyrics to THIS song

I wish them both the best for the paths they have chosen for this year

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