Thursday, January 29, 2015

Andy's Acoustic Forum. January 2015

What a way to start 2015...
A good audience turnout for the first event of the year
And Andy was wearing a colourful shirt

Herman v d Burg.
Never easy to be the first performer on stage.
Especially if the fellow that you usually play with is not there.

Starting of his set(and the evening) with a couple of purely intstrumental songs
might not have been the best idea.

However, he did finish by singing a couple of songs
 that got the audience clapping appreciatively.

The Wendyhouse Project...
with Stuart Irving and Sez Adamson backing Wendy Irving

I have seen this "group" before and I really LIKE their music.

Wendy has a country twang in her voice that would not be out of place in Nashville.

The unfortunate aspect of their music
 is that it is not (currently) commercially available.

That being said, Stuart did say that they would be recording soon.

So, as they say in the adverts...
"Watch this space".

Steve Rusznyak...on the divorce train.
It turns out that Steve and I met via scuba diving several years ago.
He remembered, I cannot even remember what I had for breakfast.

His set was dark and from the heart.

I am glad that he arrived late...

it gave the audience time to settle in and appreciate his lyrics

Cindy Alter.
Goodbye to the Ovation and HELLO to a sponsored Crafter!

Cindy has decided that this will be her "solo" year.
It only dawned on me after her set that two things were missing
1) Her "cowboy" hat 
and, more importantly...
2) Her rather battered metal water bottle. 
I noticed that during her set she was sipping from a regular plastic bottle
I hope that these items have not been put into storage with the Ovation.

Not actually solo tonight.
She did have a "partner" for this set.
Richard helped out...
It seems that professional musicians are lining up to play with her.

The first single off the new solo album is already getting radio play.

A song that Cindy wrote when she was diagnosed with cancer
She recently celebrated 12 years cancer free
 and several of us "twisted" her arm to sing it in celebration.
Stuart joined her on stage for the duet

And finally...
There was no way that the audience was letting Stuart leave without doing this
"Chained to the wind".

Hard at work...
I was not expecting to have my picture taken.
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