Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wildlife in Monochrome

Time to head out...
Often the brake lights of the vehicle up ahead will aid "spotting"...
If you look carefully, you can see a bird perched in the upper right hand corner.
"What is it"? I hear you ask...
On closer inspection it turned out to be a European Roller.

"Oi, are you looking at me"?

There had been a lot of rain in the park.
This particular lion was strolling down the main road,
tasting from each puddle!

Just to confuse...
Are zebra white with black stripes?
Or black with white stripes?
Answers on a post card please...

"Clap hands for the visitors"...

Time for a snack...

And these dung beetles are benefiting from that!

An extra from Jurassic Park?
Nope, just a Monitor Lizard

McDonald's of the bushveld.
Because they are a primary prey species
Impala tend to get forgotten after the first game drive.
Mainly because there are so many of them.
But, take the time to sit and watch the herd,
and you will start to enjoy their interactions with each other.

I always get excited when I get to see wild dogs.

Another prey species...especially when there are calves around.
The Blue Wildebeeste has a face that only a mother can love.
But the youngsters score 100% on the "cute scale".

One more from the road...
A last drink and then I HAVE to go.

I am always amazed by how often birds photo-bomb images.

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