Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Augustine Ave B&B, Ladysmith. KZN...Well worth a return visit

Once again...our "home" for tonight...
Augustine Ave B&B in Ladysmith
Our hosts, the affable Nicky and Christo Krugel.
This is our third visit to this fine 3-star establishment,
and hopefully NOT the last.

We met this cat on our first visit about a year ago.
She decided that she liked us and spent our last evening sleeping on our bed.
I know that not every guest will enjoy this, but we did.

Two new kittens have joined the family...
We were warned that if we opened the tap
they would want to drink...

Softie was the gentler on the two,
and although she enjoyed our company,
she decided that "killing" leaves was a better option

With time on my hands before breakfast
 I decided to look around for unusual images.
Dew on the outdoor furniture cushions.

A wheel-barrow full of succulants

The metal stand for an old Singer sewing machine

And rocks in the water feature...

Flower in a watering can...

I know that most guests are on holiday,
and dieting is the furthest thing on their minds...

Unfortunately, there are weights and measures
in the dining room that MIGHT just keep you away from seconds

Personally, 500g is not going to cause me sleepless nights

A family scale?
I cannot imagine an entire family hopping on THIS!

Who remembers this?
Not the honey, the net with the shells...

Without the correct pot, Nicky battled to make my wife a poached egg.
Persistence finally paid off...and the evidence is on this palte

Some of the outdoor decoration

Dew drop in a succulent

Waiting for dinner to be served.
Not normally on offer, but you can do it by request

It was a wonderful evening so we ate outdoors...

This was the protein for the meal.

And THIS was the meal...
We decided to overnight in Ladysmith on our way to and from Howick.
It makes the drive in both directions that much easier.
There are about 74 guest houses/ B&B's in Ladysmith.
If you come in via the R103, then the name on the top of the board in the main street
is the Augustine Ave B&B.
And it deserves to be there!
We highly recommend it and it is a pleasure to be in the company of the owners.
Give Nicky a call: 0825700413 for rates and accommodation details
For more images of the guest house use this link:


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