Friday, May 15, 2015

A Sofa Safari at Jamala Madikwe.

My camera was NEVER far away...

Most game lodges offer guests two game drives a day as part of the "package".

Jamala Madikwe offers a 24 hour game drive every day!
How? All you have to do is partake in a Sofa Safari.
And it is so simple to enjoy...

Sit yourself down in any of these comfortable chairs and sofas
and enjoy the magic that unfolds ...

You can also enjoy a similar view while having breakfast.

Looking out over the waterhole.
Certainly one of the busiest I have ever seen.
Yes, there are quiet times, but those allow guests to relax and read a book!

The new Watchtower offers a different angle,
and a wonderful space to enjoy the view from.
Rodney and Nico will have to put another sign here.
This space became a second "home" to my wife and I.

The animal interactions are most interesting...
This young elephant decided that it was HIS waterhole,
and proceeded to chase everything else away.

A dust-bath is always welcome...

And for the zebra as well

On the other hand, this warthog prefered
to get wet and VERY muddy

"He ain't heavy , he's my brother"...

Mating season.
Stallions were trying to decide who was "boss".
There was a lot of kicking and biting...their way of settling disputes.

PLENTY of elephants.
Both big...

And small.

More zebra dealing with issues.
Most of these fights end "peacefully".
However, there are occasions where blood is drawn
and serious injuries are inflicted.

These impala are happy to have made it through the night...

And this young wildebeest was testing his braking system.

From the tallest...
There were seventeen giraffe at the waterhole.
Certainly more than I have seen on a game drive.

To the smallest visitors...
A troop of about 30 Banded Mongoose arrived only to be chased by the zebra.
I attribute that behaviour to the fact that the elephant had chased the zebra,
and this was "trickle-down" payback.
But I might be wrong.

One of two BIG bulls that visited the waterhole every day of our visit.
This feature of Jamala is certainly a "differential"
and makes game viewing a pleasure for those
who do not want to go on drives.
My wife missed one morning drive,
and watched 45 elephants interacting with a lone male buffalo.

To find out more about what this wonderful Lodge has to offer,
please visit their web site:

Image by Joe Dreyer
Rodney Steyn, owner and director of Jamala Madikwe
had this to say about this bushveld "jewel"

Carolyn and I on our final evening game drive

The company also offers tours in
and around both Johannesburg and Pretoria.
To find out more about what is available,
visit their website:

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
Give Leon Sher a call on:

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