Thursday, May 28, 2015

Andy's Acoustic Forum, May 2015

It has been a while since I have heard Andy's dulcet tones.
Time for him to kick off the evening...

My "job" in jeopardy?
One of the acts set up their own video recorder,
luckily for me I only shoot stills.

Let's get the event rocking.
Here is Cherry Pill in action.
Rory Gaddin and Kristel Berkholtz set the tone

I have seen this duo before and I enjoy their style immensely

Country supergroup Alabama said it best...
"You gotta have a fiddle in the band"!

Although both sing, it was Kristel that did most of the vocals

Next up...
Ami, usually part of Margaret's Daughter,
but flying solo tonight

Ami does her material in both English and Afrikaans,
although her set on this occasion was only in English

She kept the audience entertained,
and she seemed to enjoy herself as well

Unfortunately for her, 
she had forgotten to bring merchandise to sell.
However, her material is available online 

Next up, ex-Idols winner Jason Hartman

The "rule" at these evenings is original material and no covers.
Jason decided to do not one but three...
Not really what the audience wants.

He also, seemed to have a longer set than anyone else.
Not really fair to the audience members who had come to see the 
acts that followed him.

Perhaps next time he can go on last,
then he can play until Andy wants to pack up.

Aside from Rory and Kristel,
this was the group that I had come to hear.
They are Beukes and Delany 

Their style is sort of Afrikaans/Celtic...
and included ANOTHER fiddle...

And an Irish "penny whistle"

Foot stomping music at its best!
Pity that THEY did not to get to play longer.

And a bonus...
Derrick Sasson rounded off the evening.
Playing an Ovation, a guitar that I have not seen on stage for a while

Unexpected, but enjoyable to listen to.
The next evening will be on June 24th at Marks Park.


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