Monday, May 18, 2015

Jamala Madikwe by night.

My camera was NEVER far away...

There is nothing like an African sunset...or sunrise for that matter

Jamala becomes a magical place after dark.
This is the view from the "boma" looking towards the lodge building

The "formal" dining area.

A new seating area under the watchtower.

Another sunset...

Time for dinner in the boma.
Every evening we ate in a different part of the lodge.

Even the gift shop looks welcoming after dark.
It never seemed to be "closed".

A view of the table settings for our boma dinner.

The main reception area of Jamala.
Elegance and style in the bush.

When the "formal" dining area is not in use,
I often chose to sit here and work

One last sunset?

The indoor lounge area.

The library, which can be found off the main reception area.
This is the first view that arriving guests have of the lodge

One more view from the boma.

Time to head back to the lodge for dinner...

The lounge in our Villa...
at 166 sq.m, it is bigger than most bachelor apartments!

The decor in our Villa...understated and elegant

Part of the bathroom.
It has a bath and a shower, as well as a separate toilet

"Smelly stuff" for the bath...

The devil is in the details...
And if that is the case, then he resides at Jamala!

To find out more about what this wonderful Lodge has to offer,
please visit their web site:

Image by Joe Dreyer
Rodney Steyn, owner and director of Jamala Madikwe
had this to say about this bushveld "jewel"

Image by Joe Dreyer
Nico Verster wears two hats.
He is Jamala Madikwe's Executive Chef
General Manager...
How does he manage both?
Hear what he had to say:

Carolyn and I on our final evening game drive

The company also offers tours in
and around both Johannesburg and Pretoria.
To find out more about what is available,
visit their website:

Sherffeurs Shuttle Service.
Give Leon Sher a call on:

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!


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