Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jamala Madikwe...birdlife

"Here's looking at YOU"
A Pearl-spotted Owlet casts its beady eyes in our direction

See if you can spot what I saw in the tree...

A Glossy Starling

These Red-billed Ox peckers are hitching a ride on the back of a Rhino

These Cape Turtle Doves are often ignored.
They are as common as Impala that suffer from the same fate...
photographers looking for something more "exotic".
The male was intent on courtship, but the female was having none of it.

"Oh well, if she is NOT interested, I'm off"...

A Baboon with a Lilac Breasted Roller

No, my wife is NOT wearing a gas mask.
Just coated binoculars...

A Yellow billed Hornbill

A Grey Lourie (Go away bird) at dusk

This Purple Roller was all fluffed up to get some extra warmth
It seemed to be the wrong season for Lilac Breasted Rollers,
as I saw very few...and the couple that I did see where in the wrong light.

This Pearl spotted Owlet is much smaller than this image.
Not much bigger that a budgie.

A Chinspot Batis trying to keep warm.

A Blacksmith Lapwing patrolling the edge of the Jamala waterhole

This is the Red crested Korhaan, also known as the Suicide bird
because of his mating display behaviour.

Guess with machine I wrote this posting on.

I was able to find information about theses species
by using the books in the library.

Image by Joe Dreyer
Rodney Steyn, owner and director of Jamala Madikwe
had this to say about this bushveld "jewel"

To find out more about what this wonderful Lodge has to offer,
please visit their web site:

Carolyn and I on our final evening game drive


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This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!


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