Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre

This sign leaves no room for doubt.
Basically, DON'T remove anything.
We arrive at the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre.

There is a wonderful "Fairy Shop" for both adults
and youngsters to dress up and take part in the
Fairy Treasure Hunt.
This seems to be a bi-annual event which is well supported
by both boys and girls.

Something different in a soap.
At first I thought that these might be cupcakes.

Some of the exhibits in the Fairy Collection.
These were all hand made by Margaret and Sandy,
and the collection was started in 1987

I wonder what this fairy would be saying?
"I'm forever blowing bubbles"?

The path leading to the nursery.
With a couple of treasure hunt participants.

 The treasure hunt is co-ordinated by
Margaret's daughter (and resident cook) Sandy
When we were there, 30 fairies were taking part.

This tiny chapel is a haven of peace and solitude.

Looking towards the chapel from the Labyrinth.

Labyrinths are special places.
It is said that you lose yourself in a maze,
but find yourself in a labyrinth.
This example is a copy of  the 11th Century pavement labyrinth
that can be found in Charteres Cathedral in France.
Walk it quietly and allow the time spent here to help drain away stress
and release anxiety.

Because no pesticides or herbicides are used,
there are a battalion of bees...

And more butterflies than I have seen in a long time.

This is part of the Fairy Village.
Unfortunately, due to "monkey fingers",
of both the animal and human kind,
each exhibit is encased in netting making pictures impossible to take.

This is Willow, a frog protector from Denmark.
If you pat or kiss my frog,
your dreams might come true.

This is the Margaret Roberts seed bank.
This urn contains a variety of food and medicinal plant seeds.
It will be opened in 2025,
and will, hopefully,
 provide a new generation of South Africans with food

And talking of food...
We could not wait until 2025...
hence this mid-morning "snack"...

And a cup of coffee for my wife.

The herb Guru, Margaret Roberts giving a talk on Tissue Salts.
She was only expecting 7 people...
but the room was full by she started her talk.

There has to be a shop...
And the various areas are colour co-ordinated!

Down at the nursery.
The Centre is open every Wednesday and the first Saturday of each month.
To find out more about what is on offer, visit their website.

I got to chat to Margaret about her life and that of the centre.
Listen to what she shared with me.
This is an excerpt from my Travel & Things show
that is broadcast on Radio Today.

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!


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