Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Hanging Gardens of Linden...thanks to Stanford!

What a transformation...
How was it achieved?
Here is the story...

The gate intercom rang at 7.50...
Stanford and Sidney had arrived.
And earlier than expected.
A good sign in modern times where punctuality
does not seem to be a prerequisite.

Together they were going to change this blank wall
into a hanging succulent garden.

Stanford wasted no time and got to work immediately.

Sidney deconstructed the pallets and prepared them for their new purpose.

As a workman you need to have a well balanced tool...

Time for teamwork...

And using recycled materials.
From the wooden pallets to the plastic waterproofing.
I am in awe of people who can see another use for goods
that are usually thrown away.

Just to make things interesting,
he had to work around our fish pond

The last part of the prep work before adding...

bags of potting soil to make a welcoming "home" for the plants

Almost time to plant.

And as for the plants...
a range of indigenous succulents.
Makes it easy to maintain and not too much water is required.
Because Stanford has worked for a garden service,
he also knew which plants would do well in this corner.

This is not as simple a job as I thought it would be.
It took them almost 9 hours to complete!

But we are VERY happy with the final product.
(Well not quite final, as I have asked Carolyn to make
some pottery pieces to make it unique)

 I have begun to add Carolyn's pottery tiles.
But this will be an ongoing process as she makes more.
Makes this "garden" extra special.

Contact Stanford on 083 9790971.
 He will come out, offer ideas and quote on the installation.


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