Thursday, June 25, 2015

Andy's Acoustic Forum, June 2015

A very cold June evening in Johannesburg.
Andy was dressed in two jackets and most of the performers
had "finger" problems.
But everyone, including the audience, soldiered on.

"Quietly Concerned" (aka Kyle Meenahan)
opened the evening.
Not only an accomplished musician,
but an intrepid adventurer as well

He recently walked around the coastline of South Africa.
Meeting people and playing music.

He has BIG plans for 2017,
when he intends to walk the length of Africa.

An much to the "disgust" of Andy,
he plays an Ovation...

A great set to get audience hands warm...
I am certain that he will perform again before his "Great Trek".

Donnagh Roberts was up next.
Not a performer that I have seen here before.

For a regular like me, a new performer is always a bonus.

She, like Laurie Levin, was playing Andy McGibbon hand made guitars.

Wrapped up warmly against the bitter cold,
it did affect her finger picking style.

But not her music.
I do hope that she comes back...soon.

A regular, Laurie Levin, back in action on stage.
It has been a while since she has visited.

And she brought some new songs with her...

She also did her "Defy" song that was used in a fridge advert.
Although the ad agency loved the song,
it did not conjure up a picture of kitchen appliances for me

Thanks for coming out on a cold evening...

Note the warm clothing.

If there is a 12-string on stage,
it can only be ONE performer...

Cindy Alter!

She has a new album out...
"Faith and Fire"
This is the title track.

AND a book!
now available online and in the bookshops.

After being part of "Alter Irving" for several years,
she is currently performing solo this year.

Cindy was kept on by the audience to play a couple of extra songs.
Nobody complained
This song IS still playing in my head:
Although she mentions seven years in the song,
she has now been cancer free for twelve.
The July evening will be held on Wednesday, 29th
and will feature a very special guest.
Be there and bring friends!

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!


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