Thursday, June 11, 2015

Andy's Acoustic Forum. Old school B&W.May, 2015

From the May edition of AAF...
Old school.
For those who have never been,
the evening are dedicated to acoustic, self-penned music.

 Kristel Berkholtz sets the tone

Cherry Pill,
strange name for a duo, but they sound great together.
Rory Gaddin and Kristel Berkholtz

I am not too fond of classical violin...
A fiddle is the "real" deal.

And the evening is a homage to the acoustic guitar

Ami, usually part of Margaret's Daughter,
but flying solo tonight

Next up, ex-Idols winner Jason Hartman

He "broke the rules" and played covers...
Not really in the spirit of the evening

Aside from Rory and Kristel,
this was the group that I had come to hear.
They are Beukes and Delany 

I was a happy fellow...
ANOTHER fiddle player!

Hitting all the right notes

Christoff Beukes casting an eye at some noisy audience members.

Seeing that their music is a blend of Afrikaans and Celtic,
This penny whistle could belong to either culture

Derrick Sasson rounded off the evening.
Playing an Ovation, a guitar that I have not seen on stage for a while

As true as the nose on my face,
the next evening will be on June 24th at Marks Park...


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