Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We use City Hopper to get to Marataba...

Our on time and well informed driver
for both legs of our journey with City Hopper,
Henk Diedericks.
Not only was he on time, but he was early...
a really good quality in a shuttle company.
I tend to stress if we do not leave on time.
but in this instance, I was able to relax and look forward to the journey.

Our vehicle for the journey.
Henk did tell me that the office likes to allocate the same car and driver
on both legs of a return trip.

Saying goodbye to the beggars in Johannesburg.

And for the next few days, goodbye to this traffic as well.

"Get your motor running,
Head out on the highway"...
The words on the rearview mirror became the title of a Meatloaf song.

The journey was only about 3.5 hours long,
however Henk had scheduled toilet stops along the way.
Although we did buy a cup of coffee at this "garage shop",
there was water and snacks provided in our vehicle.

YES! Brits has a shopping Mall...
I REALLY did not know that.

It seems that the ubiquitous window cleaners can be found
 at intersections in this small mining town.

Aside from the citrus available,
sweet potatoes were on offer in large quantities.

Making hay while the sun shines?

Almost at the main entrance...
This was the best Elephant sighting that we had.
In the distance, the majestic Waterberg Mountains.

The best entrance to any reserve I have ever been in...

Our departure was delayed because of this fellow.
Although Henk was early to collect us,
I was out on an unexpected game drive and
was therefore responsible for our departure being late.

We were returning on a public holiday,
but the roads were busier than expected.
However, spending time chatting to Henk made the time fly by.

Not great scenery in this part of our country

Like potholes, load-shedding and corruption.
these Stop/Go road works have become a feature.
Luckily, we did not have to wait long

The THRIVING town of Thabazimbi...

This sign asks motorists nor to "overspeed"...
What is that?

A quick consultation perhaps.
Just behind this sign is a cross...
ostensibly to mark the spot where someone died.
Perhaps from one of these conditions?

One of the many factories along the route.
This is a chrome smelting plant.
There are also platinum and iron ore mines in the area.
None make for great photo opportunities.

City Hopper was professional from my first contact with Gloria,
to the time my wife and I said goodbye to Henk.
Aside from transfers to a variety of game reserves in and around Johannesburg
and Pretoria, they also offer tours of both cities as well as Soweto.
I can highly recommend them for punctuality and efficiency.
To find out more about what the company does,

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!


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