Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A bird's eye view of Dubai with Sea Wings

We enjoyed the view from one of the rooms at The Palace...

Just is case guests are uncertain of the "hashtag"...

So many desserts,
so little time!

My travelling companion before our Seawings flight
Aside from asking our media group about what they were expecting,
I was also able to chat to our pilot's parents...
And one of the Seawings staff members.
This is what they shared with me:

I have never flown in one of these before...
But it has been on my bucket list for a while.

Take off.
Considering we took off from the creek,
it one one of the smoothest lift-offs I have experienced.

Dubai from the air is truly SPECTACULAR.

Part of the downtown area

Hard to get away from the Burj Khalifa...

If you look REALLY carefully,
you can see our hotel to the right of the Burj...

The highway system here is in first class condition.
Not a pothole or a Toll gantry in sight...
I share some of my thoughts:

Looking out to sea.

The available space for housing has been used in an interesting manor

The Palms development...
If you have to ask the purchase price,
then you cannot afford to live here.
The vision of the architects was "above and beyond"
No surprise then that the hotel at the top of the "palm"
is Atlantis and was commissioned by Sol Kerzner.

This hotel, the Burj al Arab,
 has the most famous helipad in the world.

These man made island are currently for sale!
You can see that there a "home" on one of them.
Again price should be the least of your worries when putting in an

Looking like a wonky guitar,
this resort is built in the desert!
The city is slowly creeping into what was virgin desert land,
but is now becoming VERY sought after as they prepare
 for the World Exhibition in 2020.

We fly over one of the bridges that cross the Creek,
the original waterway that served the city

Touch down...
One of the best landings EVER!

This is our pilot Cameron.
Born in Canada, he was raised in New Zealand
and has worked as a pilot all over the world.
Here what our group had to say post flight...
and what Cam shared with me:
You can find out more about Seawings here:


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