Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A dessert in the desert. Dubai

How many times have you seen "dessert" incorrectly spelt on a menu?
Well, I got to enjoy a dessert in the desert during my trip to Dubai!
Both words in the same sentence...bonus.

I enjoyed an open top bus ride through the city.
These are some of the sights.
Considering Dubai rose out of the desert sand, there are a lot of fountains

A living building...

The Burj(meaning tower) Khalifa...
One of the most visible buildings in Downtown Dubai.

A view from the 124 floor!
From this vantage point, Dubai looks like a toy town

Something cold to drink...

Sunset from the Burj Khalifa

The fountains in front of the Burj.
Not accompanied by music, but entertaining never the less

Downtown Dubai at night...

Not "bush TV" and neither is it required to provide heat,
but I do enjoy watching an open flame

The of the hotels that I visited

Neo's the bar on the 63rd floor of The Address.
Opulence like I have not seen before.

Who said that you cannot drink in Dubai?
Here was an array of alcohol that would put
some 5 star South African properties to shame.

And for all that drink,
you need LOTS of glasses.

The musical fountains from the balcony of The Address

These vendors often serve coffee.
However at this particular evening meal
he was dispensing juice

Some music to enjoy while I ate

Some of the guests at dinner...
enjoying a smoke.
And I did ask if I could take this picture.

Some of the seating in the tent.
These "restaurants" are specifically set up during the month of Ramadan

Coffee from an Airstream outside our hotel.
I believe that it is open until after 3am...
I trust that this is the case...I did not test that statement.
I was here at 1am.


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