Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hyena at Inyati Game Reserve...not 'Lion King' gangsta's

While on our drive towards the Spotted Hyena den,
we had some wonderful bird sightings.
This is a Brown Hooded Kingfisher.

One of my all time favourite raptors,
the Bateleur, which means acrobat in French.
There is a move to try and re-name it the African Short-tailed Eagle.
But I do hope that the name change will not be enforced.

This beauty was spotted by my wife.
It is a Lizard Buzzard...a species that I have not seen before.

A very proud Forked-tailed Drongo.

Elephants do not fear Hyena...

This leopard cub might well be in danger.
In Sabi Sands most cub deaths are caused by male leopards,
and not other predators.

At this age, this young lion could become a meal for a Spotted Hyena.

However, when he gets to be as big as his Mom,
the tables are turned!

This particular leopard was guarding an Impala kill
that is had hoisted into a tree earlier in the day.
The Hyena that was lurking was chased off very quickly

Disney has a lot to answer for.
The "Lion King" has given this species a bad reputation.
Much like the shark in Jaws that put the Great White a similar situation

Hyena pups certainly have the "cuteness" factor...
And the den was home to several of different ages

"I am watching you"...

These two precocious females belong to the matriarch.
This makes them princesses and "heir" to the leadership position.
It can happen that the more dominant pup can kill its sibling.

When a "subject" arrived it was set upon by both the matriarch and her pup
In the "Lion King" the three hyena's are lead by a female names Shenzi.
Voiced by Whoopi Goldberg, the name means
"savage", uncouth" or "poor quality".
As a species they might be savage, but certainly neither of the latter

Here's looking at you kid"...
This is what Keith Jenkinson, GM of Inyati Game Reserve had to say:

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...


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