Thursday, July 16, 2015

Inyati Game Reserve, sights from the bush.

The bar area in the early morning before game drive.
Everyone was in the room next door,
drinking coffee and eating muffins before setting off.

No time to sit and ponder at 06h00...
Save that for the post drive "de-briefing"!

This elephant had wandered through camp the night before.
I heard him outside our room at 01h20 uprooting trees
and generally creating havoc with the vegetation.

This was part of the "destruction",
caused by Hurricane Elephant!
Our room was the one on the right in the background.

A Monitor Lizard in the early morning light.

A Giant Kingfisher, looking for breakfast

And a young Elephant has already found a meal.
I do enjoy watching these youngsters at play.
They pretend they are "big" and try to intimidate.
It comes across as "cute",
however Mom is never too far away.

Humans would pay money to have eyelashes like this

In fact THIS elephant would pay to have those eyelashes.

The Sand River at sunset...

A perfect place for a sundowner and a snack

Heading off to the safety of their night-time roost?

Roger, our tracker.
Caught in the spotlight.

Like humans that often drool when they sleep,
it seems that Hyenas do as well.
Although given what they eat,
this slime could be toxic.

Hyena society is matriarchal and is therefore dominated by an Alpha female.
All the others are subservient to her and will respect her.
Her female offspring are therefore "Princesses"
and act accordingly.
Note the aggressive display by this Princess as her Mom shows who is boss.

A Zebra caught in the early morning light.

And something for the herpetologists.
Something I have never seen in the wild before.
An African Rock Python.
This one measured in at a shade under 4m!

I wonder what THIS Vervet Monkey is thinking...

You have to love the expression on the face of this young leopard.

Just another African sunset in Sabi Sands...
What a wonderful salute to our day in the bush
This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...


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