Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Inyati Game Reserve...the accommodation and a lot more.

This is the view form my seat on our game drive vehicle...
I believe that when I am in a reserve, my accommodation
is only used for sleeping and showering.

Keith was our ranger,
and he is the General Manager of the Lodge.
So, we were very lucky to have the "boss" drive us.
Although I have been coming to the bush for almost 50 years,
the information that he imparted during our game drives
added many facts to my knowledge of the bush and all of its inhabitants.
Including the plants and flowers.

Would you believe that this animal is only 15 months old?
Going to be a BIG kitty.

One of the two males that we encountered.
Thanks for the photographic tip Keith... 

An Oxpecker on a really old Buffalo bull

A male, Yellow Billed Hornbill.
We found many of these on our drives.

The Spotted Hyena has received such a bad reputation.
And Disney's "Lion King" has a LOT to blame for that.
I find them fascinating and very social

Back from our drive and breakfast awaits.

The tables are set on part of the deck that overlooks the lawn
and the Sand River that flows at the boundary of the Lodge

Too cold to sit outside?
Then make use of this has a constant supply of tea and coffee

Several of the rooms face the river.
This is one of the family rooms.

Our accommodation, room 11.
It did not have a view of the river, but the bushes and trees
outside our window became a playground for the Vervet Monkeys,
and a freeway for several other game species.

A tub big enough for two.
The unit had an indoor and outdoor shower as well.
The toilet is separate, which offers privacy

There is a private desk that is accessible via sliding doors.
A great place to sit and relax...
and get up close with the Nyala and Warthogs that paraded past us

We used this area to "dump" clothing and camera gear post drive.

This became my "office".
The housekeeping staff must have "loved" me.
I kept turning the chairs around so that I could look out of the window
while I worked.
They would come in and return them to their original positions.
Only to find them turned again the next day.

I really liked this "pebble curtain".
My wife and I must be in the minority when it comes to souvenir shopping.
We usually ignore the shop and try to buy the decor!

One of the many seating areas for guests.
This one is on the deck in front of the bar

I discovered this private seating area on my walk around the camp.
I am certain that proposals have been made
and hopefully accepted here.
Or intimate meals at the very least.

An Elephant in front of the viewing deck.
As the camp is unfenced, these animals tend to wonder in at night
 in search of food.
On two nights I was woken to the sounds of breaking branches outside our door.
But all part of the experience...
and that is why rangers walk guests to and from certain rooms after dark.
This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...
Thank you to BP fuel and a home generator!


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