Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lunch at the Armani Hotel, Dubai

My lunch at the Armani Hotel started off in style.
My camera bag was given its own chair.
The beginning of a meal in a restaurant that I will never forget.

The decor, although stark looking, 
is in fact the perfect setting.
Note that there are no sharp edges to any of the furniture.
This is a Feng Shui principle that is continued throughout the hotel

Not "on the menu" but close to it.
Kwandhare, my travelling companion.

Individual portions of the home made pasta are on display

As is the protein...

One of the two chefs working on making our starters.

The curved lines of this display "cabinet" lend a calm feeling to the
ambience of the room.

Even the flower displays are personally approved bu Giorgio Armani.
Although the florists are based in Dubai,
they were flown to Milan for training in how to meet the
exacting standards that the hotel requires.

OH MY,more desserts than you can shake a stick at.
And each one beautifully presented!
Almost too good to eat.
Note, I said almost.

The wall behind the bar.
A minimalist look that really works.

The Dubai skyline without the Burj Khalifa.
How is that possible?
I am standing in the Burj!

Another view from the restaurant balcony.

Like a room for smokers,
this one is for Non-Muslims only and is tucked away,
out of sight of the main dining area.

Although out of sight,
it is a splendid room for those who would like to have their meal served here.

The walls and curved lines fascinated me.
It makes the space very welcoming.
Almost as if diners are being "held" in cupped hands

And finally...
the food!
Pure pleasure on a plate...visually superb.
A feat for both eye and palate.
This was my starter...suffice to say, that every mouthful was savoured.

And my main course.
I have had spaghetti with seafood before, but with lobster...NEVER.
Pure bliss.

This belonged to one of my dining companions.
Food art on a plate.

Although most of us at the table chose a seafood/ pasta dish,
there had to be one steak...and this was it.

The only square objects in the restaurant?
The taps in the bathroom.
The attention to detail that I experienced,
goes above and beyond anything that I have experienced before.
An unforgettable meal in a perfect setting.
Many thanks to Sanjay Bhoola and 
Lucy Mussett of Dubai Tourism SA,
for organising this splendid meal.


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