Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mango Flight JE 926 TO Zanzibar

An early start as I head off to Zanzibar.
I had to leave home at 03h45 to be in time to check in at 05h00
for an 07h00 flight which was then delayed by about 30 minutes.
Not all bad as it gave me time to meet the rest of the media team
that I would be travelling with.

Although the check-in was "organised chaos",
the plane was relatively empty.
That meant that Kwandhare had a seat to himself.
Note that he is becoming quite the seasoned flyer...
water and a book to keep him occupied.

This is Neels...
He was part of a group excursion from a local drug company.
Note to self...often people believe that it IS 5 o'clock SOMEWHERE.
Even if it is only 09h00 on the plane.

Our pilot, Donald Burnett...
Turns out that he worked for my sister many years ago.
What a small world!

Goodbye to the cold early morning in Johannesburg

Looking towards the horizon.

Early morning mist over the Highveld

We fly over some of the old mine dumps.
They used to be part of the skyline,
but have steadily disappeared over the past couple of decades.

When last did YOU fly in a plane that had this form of in flight entertainment?

Kwandhare in the cockpit!
Taking control...

The coastline of  Africa.

Zanzibar airport comes into view.

The old and the new.
In the foreground, the existing terminal building.
And in the background, the new building that is currently under construction.

Welcome to our Island.
Jasmine wristbands for all of us.
Let the adventure begin!

During my stay, I was hosted by

During my stay, the excursions were co-ordinated by

I flew to and from Zanzibar with this carrier.

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...


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