Sunday, July 19, 2015

My day with Safari Blue in Zanzibar

An early morning view from the balcony of my room

It was low tide where we arrived to board our Dhows.
These rocks are underwater at high tide.

Lunch being carried on board...

I decided against hopping into the water.
A wise decision as it turned out that several of the guests
were stung by some sort of plankton.
Not a toxic venom, but unpleasant never the less.
The sea is so clear that I could photograph the fish without
getting into the water.

"Dolphin ahead"...

Our chief Skipper...

And Kwandhare doing his share of the work.

This type of catamaran is used by the locals to fish from

The "hordes" arrive for lunch.
This area would be underwater before we finished lunch.
The tide comes in VERY quickly.

My new friends...
Jumping for joy after lunch.

Waiting for Godot?
No, waiting for coffee and Amarula!

There are two Baobab trees on this island

This particular fell over many decades ago,
but it is still growing.
The tree itself is around 500 years old.
The wood cannot be used to make furniture etc
as it contains too much moisture

This crab did not make it to our lunch plate.

This is what did!

We head off into a mangrove lagoon for a post lunch swim
Those who did take the plunge said that the water was excessively salty.

Looking out towards the Indian Ocean.
These rocky outcrops reminded me of Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam

The best part of the day...
We head home under sail.
We were told that the Dhow can do 5 knots!

To find out more about the company
and what it offers:

My second sunset as seen from my balcony at the
Park Hyatt Zanzibar.

During my stay, I was hosted by

During my stay, the excursions were co-ordinated by

I flew to and from Zanzibar with this carrier.

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...


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