Thursday, July 23, 2015

My sojourn at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is part of an archipelago that comprises more than 50 islands.
36km off the East Coast of Africa sit the three largest inhabited islands
of this chain...
Zanzibar(Unguja), Pemba and Tumbatu.
The Park Hyatt Zanzibar opened its doors in March 2015,
and the addition of this name brand to the Island
has been met with approval.
Acceptance is reflected in the occupancy rate,
that exceeded expectations.
That did not come as a surprise to me,
given the service levels and the exquisite eye for detail and decor.

Piyush Mittal, Director of Operations at
Park Hyatt Zanzibar.
He shared some of the history of the building and the hotel with me.
Hear what he had to say:

The main reception area.
It might look stark, but it is warm and welcoming.
The reception desks are "hidden" behind the pillars on the right.
Thus giving this area an open feel.

A corner of my room.
The decor was understated but comfortable
and gave me a feeling of being at "home"

Who can complain about a view like this from a balcony?

This type of wooden kist seems to be endemic to Zanzibar.
I found several craftsmen in Stone Town making versions
similar to this one.
If only there was a flat-pack version to take home...

The view from the bath.
Actually is is a view of the bath from the shower.
If you get tired of looking out to sea,
you can always watch the wall mounted TV.

This was the most "high-tec" room I have ever stayed in.
Everything is controlled electronically.
If you leave the patio door unlocked,
a warning shows up on this master panel.
There is a button marked DND(do not disturb),
which does away with the old style signs.
The doorbell light outside the room turns to red when it is engaged,
thus informing staff to leave the room alone.

The new annex and the renovated older building
were built around this tree.
It still bears fruit and is healthy and growing
even though it is surrounded by the hotel on three sides.

A quite place for a game of chess?
The Library can be found just off the main entrance
and is one of the many public spaces that guests can enjoy

The iron work caught my eye

The view from one of the Terrace Suites

Not my room...
One of the two Presidential Suites on offer

What a view!

One of the suites boasts a huge terrace that offers
its occupants and view of the Indian Ocean and Stone Town

The Merry Media Mates were going to have dinner here,
but at the last moment the meal had to be moved.
A last minute check-in.

This is the lounge area in the suite.
The attention to detail is spectacular.

Aside from my room,
this is where I (and the rest of the MMM) spent time

I chatted to  Executive Chef Teuku about his two signature dishes,
Zanzibar "themed" Nasi Goreng and the Banana Cheesecake.
This is what he had to say:

The Merry Media Mates with the Hyatt staff.
"Kwaheri na kuwashukuru"

During my stay, I was hosted by

During my stay, the excursions were co-ordinated by

I flew to and from Zanzibar with this carrier.

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...


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